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Sliding S iDog at a Sherry Baker Clinic


DOB: December 17, 2010

PICTURED LEFT: Candy with iDog (as a pup), just Chillaxin at a Shery Baker clinic, at Twin Oaks Ranch in California.

Candy was coming by our place in Lodi when my Bart X Skye, 2010 litter was born. She helped me socialize the puppies and iDog was one of those pups. Candy ended up taking iDog home. This alone started Candy’s interest in herding. She trialed iDog and earned several titles.

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Sharpie on the farm with the pups.

Puppies Going Home

It's time for Pard X Sharpie pups to go to thier new homes. As bittersweet as it is, all the pups will have been exposed to as many things as possible, to best ready them for placement. Different surfaces, soiunds, animals and even little people, (children). This group is very confident and should do great in their new enviornments. They will be traveling to Virginia, South Carolina, Texas, and Southern California. And two pups will remain here in Idaho. As always, we look forward to seeing them all grow up.

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Sage with Andrea and Hilerie at their Farm in Eagle, Idaho.


DOB: February 19, 2014

PICTURED LEFT: Sage with Andrea and Hilerie at their Farm in Eagle, Idaho.

Sage is a working Australian Shepherd stockdog on the farm as well as Andrea's Service Dog.

Sage travels with Andrea all over advocating for service dogs and educating others about what a service dog is. Sage began her trialing career the summer of 2017, earning titles right from the start. In no time Sage had earned all her started titles and has earned some amazing scores in started with a 94/100 in sheep and a 92/100 in ducks and is in the top 10 for a Merit Award. Sage has also earned several first-place awards in all 3 stock and High Score Most Promising Started Dog.

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2016 ASCA National Specialty, 2016

For My Non-Aussie Friends

Some of my NON Australian Shepherd friends and Family have been asking me questions about my countdown posts. Here is my attempt to explain.

ASCA® National Specialty

ASCA® (Australian Shepherd Club of America) holds a National Specialty every year in different locations. This event has all of the different venues that ASCA supports throughout the year including a vendor show, banquet, educational info, a meeting, etc. A few of the venues are Agility, Obedience, Conformation Shows, and Stock

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Skye, ASCA® National Specialty, 2016

Mama Dog Skye in Albany, 2016

So, after all the Hoopla about Oakley and Sterling I'm going to take time to let ya'll know about how mama dog "Skye" with an "E" did in Albany. Skye entered finals in all 3 stock (cattle, sheep and ducks) but did not make the cut (top 15) for cattle. She did end up 4th in Ducks and 7th in Sheep.

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