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2016 ASCA National Specialty, 2016

For My Non-Aussie Friends

Some of my NON Australian Shepherd friends and Family have been asking me questions about my countdown posts. Here is my attempt to explain.

ASCA® National Specialty

ASCA® (Australian Shepherd Club of America) holds a National Specialty every year in different locations. This event has all of the different venues that ASCA supports throughout the year including a vendor show, banquet, educational info, a meeting, etc. A few of the venues are Agility, Obedience, Conformation Shows, and Stock

During the week long National Specialty held for Aussies they hold the Finals in each venue as well. Nationals start on Wednesday September 14th and go to Friday if needed. There will also be a Pre-Trial on Monday the 12th.

These will all be on the same grounds and while were doing stock there will be tracking, rally, agility, conformation etc. going on the same grounds.

For FINALS, you earn the right...

Any of the ASCA dogs can enter Nationals... BUT... for FINALS you earn the right to be there and compete. Each has their own rules. I only know the stock info.

FOR STOCK (Cattle, Ducks & Sheep) From June 1st through May 31st Dog handlers compete all over the world earning enough points to be able to compete in Finals.

This year on Saturday September 10th, 30 of the top dogs from each stock will compete. They will get 2 runs and the top 15 will move on to compete the next day. The first score will be added to the score they get on Sunday and a Winner will be determined.

Skye will be competing in Finals in all 3 stock. She will also be in Pre-Trial and Nationals

Colt will be in Nationals and the Pre-Trial.

Hope this makes sense...

-- Susan Lawley Severns
Original Publication: Facebook, September 5, 2016