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Seems as though things are opening up a bit so hopefully we wont see any cancelled trials due to covid. Key calendar features include "Official" host information plus "Details" in an easy to follow format.

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Most of our event listings represent ASCA® Stockdog Trials but you may find other stockdog trials from AHBA, AKC, and more. In an attempt to get information out as soon as we can we have listed trials that are generally on those dates and dates that I have been in touch with persons putting on the trial and we have dates but are lacking other information at this time. Those trials will have (pending) listed and as soon as we know the are approved we will make the change on the calendar of events to now show the pending. The Trials are primarily in the Western United States.

Please Note: Not all clubs have a website, or web presence.

ID, TVASC - March Trial (PENDING)

Event Title: Treasure Valley ASC Stockdog Trial
Category/Club: Treasure Valley ASC
Location: K-J Ranch, Payette, Idaho
Date: March 18-20, 2022

Trials - AM/PM Arena Trials March 19, 20, 2022

STOCK: Cattle, Ducks and Sheep

Course Director: TBA
Trial Address:1435 Hwy 95 Payette, Idaho 83661
Phone: 208-739-3284

* Information provided by this calendar is subject to change.
Download the "official" event flyer for details, pricing and registration information. Contact the course director with questions.

Entries Open: Postmark date:TBA
Payable: Checks payable to TVASC
Mail to: TVASC/Carol Gerkin 1435 Hwy 95 Payette, Idaho 83661

Official Event Flyer >> TBA

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Event Date 03-18-2022
Event End Date 03-20-2022
Location K-J Ranch, Payette, ID

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